Ice Cream Delivery


We now offer home delivery on Mondays between 10-4pm. 

$8 delivery fee

Orders must be in by Sunday night at 9pm of delivery on Monday. If delivery doesn't show up as an option it's because delivery is full or on pause for the week. 

If Shopify won't let you select delivery, it means you're outside of our Delivery Zone! 

We'll let you know when the van leaves Honey's with deliveries, and again when we're about 5-20 mins away. 

Express paypal checkout doesn't work with delivery for some reason I'm sure only Shopify knows. 

Someone must be home to accept your ice cream (it's ice cream!). You can also request it be left (great if you have a cooler with some ice packs outside). Please be aware that we won't just leave it unattended if no one answers the door. Any ice cream not accepted will not be refunded, including the delivery fee. Honey's is not responsible for lost, stolen, or melted ice cream left on the porch at your request. 

Want delivery right now? Use this link to order from Uber Eats and help us save a few bucks on their fees! 

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