Ice Cream Delivery

We now offer delivery to your home on Sundays for $5 within Toronto (not the Greater Area at this time). Orders must be in by 5pm Saturday (otherwise we will slot you into the next week). If we get overwhelmed with the amount of deliveries it is possible we will cut them off earlier and take the delivery option right off the site. 

On our deliveries we will happily pick up any donations you have for the Community Fridges around Toronto! Please no expired, open, or homemade food. Leave any donations out in a bag or box that says "honey's" on it so we know it's for us. 

Want ice cream right now? Have our ice cream delivered via this link for DoorDash

or this link for UberEats. We get to keep a little extra $$ if you use these links instead of just your phone app, so thank you! 

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