Honey’s is  dairy-free ice cream shop in Toronto, born out of a deep love of ice cream and a desire for a better textured experience and incredible flavours.

We are located at 1448 Dundas St. West, you can email us: info@honeysicecream.ca or call: 416-672-0479. Apologies in advance, I know that this font is very annoying for large blocks of texts but I made this website myself and I don't know how to change it lol. 



Owned and operated by Ashley Wittig who definitely sees herself as a baker first and foremost. Ashley co-founded Bunner’s Bake Shop in 2010, Toronto’s first vegan and/or gluten free bakery (can you imagine such a time existed?). After selling the bakery to her business partner in 2018, she took a few years off. She spent the time relearning how to bake for the love of it, to teach fun music-driven movement classes, opened a little online shop with some curated faves, and even left the City for a hot second before scooting right back.

She also, importantly, taught herself how to make some incredible plant based ice cream, testing and re-testing ad nauseum until one day she landed on the perfect balance of taste and texture.

She named the business after her pup, Honey, started doing pop ups, started selling out of those pop-ups in 20 minutes, and quickly realized this needed a home. Despite the pandemic, and despite it being December, Honey’s was born in the most dreamy space on Dundas West.

Ash uses her baking know-how to create all the mix-ins, fillings, cookies and brownies that are stuffed into our ice cream. Her experience with the allergen-free community really dictates how she creates her treats. 

Honey’s is located on the indigenous land of the Ho-de-no-sau-nee-ga (Haudenosaunee), Anishinabewaki, Mississauagas of the Credit First Nation, and the Wendake-Nionwntsïo.

While this is a land acknowledement, it’s also important to note that, acknowlegement without action feels empty. I personally want to make it clear that, I believe Indigenous people should be the stewards of this land in whatever capacity they choose to be. I wholeheartedly believe this City, our Country, would be a better place if those in power stepped aside and gave land back to its rightful owners. Indigenous people have lived on this land for literally tens of thousands of years. 

Honey’s is committed to monthly donations to Indigenous led organizations that work towards the goals above, in whatever capacity or way that they see fit.

We also support the Encampment Support Network and CF_TO both through donations of food in the community fridges, and financial donations. Mutual Aid is love, and we love our community and the people who live here.

Picture of Ash by Kaela Leone

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