Are any of the flavours gluten free? 

Many of you are familiar with my first business and you know I'm always looking out for my gluten free crew. I will probably never make a gf peanut butter & saltine because it would be an afterthought. I want to create ice creams for y'all that are STARS, like the double chocolate brownie ice cream! Not an afterthought, that brownie is gf because it tastes incredible that way. Just please be aware that this isn't a dedicated facility, and although everything is washed and sanitized on the reg, it may not be for my celiac babes. 


Will you ever do nut-free flavours? 

Yes, I would love to do a small line of coconut based ice cream, I have a lot of nut-free cuties in my life and it breaks my heart that they can't have honey's! Once I get into a production flow here, I'll be better equipped to do it as safely as possible. 


Who is Honey? 

My rescue dog from Save Our Scruff, a pure angel from up on high! Please please adopt don't shop. 


Wow, your shop is really big, what are you going to do with all that space? 

While it may appear big, space fills up quickly! Honey's sister biz, Tyger Tyger lives in the back. Mostly looking forward to taking full advantage of the back laneway for future pop-ups and fun food collabs! 


Why / How is your ice cream so good?

I dedicated a year of my life to testing the same recipe over and over again until it was perfect (sanity not so much). Because I make the cashew cream myself, I can dial the fat up or down depending on the flavour and what it requires. This is what gives it that supreme creaminess and body-ody-ody. 


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