If I place an order today, do I have to pick it up today? 

You have 7 days to pick up your order, and often longer (just call to check). If you place an order and never pick it up, unfortunately we are not able to issue you a refund. 

Will [insert favourite flavour here] ever come back? 

If it's a big seller, then yes most likely! Our constantly changing monthly flavours allow us to be in a perpetual creative flow. Try to embrace the romance of it!

Are any of the flavours gluten free? 

Many of you are familiar with Ashley's first business so you know we're always looking out for the gluten free crew. Just please be aware that this isn't a dedicated facility, and although everything is washed and sanitized on the reg, it may not be for celiac babes. 

Who is Honey? 

Ashley's rescue dog from Save Our Scruff, a pure angel from up on high! Please please adopt don't shop. 

Why / How is your ice cream so good?


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